About PHE WMO e-Procurement
PHE WMO proudly present an online internet-based e-Procurement application as a business platform to improve purchasing processes and to increase competitiveness and accountability. This e-Proc application is accessible through PHE WMO's website, located at https://scm.phe-wmo.com/eproc

PHE WMO e-Procurement helps controlling the sourcing and ordering of goods and services, improves relationships with key suppliers through improved transactions communications tracking, and it empowers personnel to make the right, quicker and better decisions to saves time and money, and leads to improved customer satisfaction.

At this moment, the implementation of PHE WMO e-Procurement is to cover the procurement of goods under Direct Selection process. In the future, development may be made to enhance the scope to include the procurement of services and the process under category of Tender (according to BPMigas Guideline of PTK#007) and/or Reverse Auction.

Currently, the business processes applied in this application are:

  • Electronic Vendor Registration
  • Tender Announcement
  • Request for Quotation
  • Technical and Commercial Quotations
  • Evaluation
  • Performance Assessment
  • Contractor HSE Management System (to be developed)

PHE WMO is welcoming inputs and suggestions for continuous improvement. Kindly send your email contained with statements, concerns or questions related to PHE WMO e-Procurement to our Team: wmo.vendor.admin@pertamina.com

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