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Bidding & Contracts Management

All procurement processes and activities shall refer to Government regulations/guidelines, be properly documented and in accordance to PHE WMO Code of Conduct.

Refer to the PTK007/REV-II/PTK/I/2011, common methods of procurement are Tender, Direct Selection and Direct Appointment.

Common Method Of Procurement

Basically, all procurement to be done through a competitive sourcing and open tender, except for those meeting the criteria of direct appointment method, such as: specific goods or services, emergency situation-based, sole source, etc. or direct selection method, such as: where there are only limited source of goods/services providers.

The complete bidding processes shall go through the following steps:

Tender Process 2

Proc Process Timeline (1)

Procurement process under Direct Appointment for a value >US$5,000.00 and under Direct Selection for a value >US$50,000.00 may be conducted under certain conditions/reasons supported with strong & valid justifications acceptable, approved by Procurement Committee and authorized by the PHE WMO Highest Authority.

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