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Scorecards & KPI Measurement

Performance Measurement

Performance Measurement will help to:

  • Understand what may be causing problems
  • Set priority on seeking problem solutions
  • Improve decision-making
  • Assess customer satisfaction level
  • Develop better relationship among customers, suppliers, and other functional areas in the company
  • Identify the needs for training based on performance of staff and teams
  • Motivate people to do their best

Performance Measurement helps to continuously improve performance. !! What gets attention often gets improved !!

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BSC Architecture


If you can’t measure, you can’t control and
If you can’t control, you can’t manage

There are 3 steps of performance measurement system.  

  • Step 1 : Deciding what to measure
  • Step 2 : Gathering performance data
  • Step 3 : Interpreting performance data

We have 3 levels of balance scorecard, that is:

  • First level is organization level scorecard; organization level will identify organizational strategy, and then identify Organizational Objective to reach strategy.
  • Second Level is Group Department Level Scorecard. In this level, Group/ Department will select Critical Success Factors (CSFs) that the group can impact, and then identify Group/Department Objectives that cascading for Organizational Objectives and then identify group/ department measures/ metrics.
  • Third Level is Individual Measures/Metrics Scorecard. In process of individual level, select CSFs that individual can impact, and then individual goal that cascading from group / department measures.



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