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Performance Management

Why appraise Business Performance?

  • Improvement
  • Planning & Forecasting
  • Competition
  • Reward
  • Regulatory and standards compliance

Laggards And Leaders

Measurement is the only way to understand whether process performance is improving or worsening and whether action is required. The result of measurement we can get the value of average performance. From the average, we can measure  the bottom value and the top value. 20% Bottom value we called laggards performers and 20% top value we called leader performers. Performance is depend on the accomplishment of a given task measured against preset known standards of accuracy, completeness, cost and speed.


PHE WMO use Balance Scorecard to measure performance periodically, and Klipfolio Dashboard to measure KPI of business process in real time and online in front of user's desktop PC.

 Performance Mgmt 3

 Dashboard Metrics Characteristics

  • Highly Visible
  • Linked To Business Strategy
  • Balanced And Comprehensive
  • Set Based On Internal And External Benchmark
  • Aggressive But Achievable
  • Real Time / Nearly Real Time
  • Customizable
  • Continuous Improvement Tool

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