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Inventions & Implementation

How does your organization manage the ideas?

Every successfully implemented idea/product is a result of a long and supervised innovation process.
Innovation is something new and useful, born of inspiration or ideas, invention, and finally implementation.

Ideas come from anywhere. It could be from experience, self or others experiences by benchmarking. It could also come from management or ideas that come from evaluation performance result will justify the need of improvement process.

While principles and methods of idea development are universal for all industries, there is no strict rule regarding the steps from idea generation to implementation.

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Things to consider in implementation of creative ideas

  • Describe the Idea in detail

Great idea can be described in detail to get the selling point

  • Asses Benefits and Risks

If the risks are greater than the benefits, need to rethink idea and focus on greater benefits

  • List down the Stumbling Blocks

List all of the possible stumbling blocks that exist between now and the successful implementation of your idea. Then look at each stumbling block and how to deal with it.

  • People should be involved

A complex business idea often requires the involvement of numerous people.

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Giving Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.

  • Authorizations

Implementing the idea may include the necessity of gaining authorizations from one or more bodies. Include approval from people in company, licenses from government offices and certificates from professional bodies.

  • Money/Budget

Calculate the costs of implementing idea and what is the likely income. If you can demonstrate a cash-flow with minimal outlay and a large reward potential, it will find significantly easier to convince people to buy into the idea.

  • Milestones

With all but the simplest ideas, draw up a list of milestones that must be achieved along the way towards implementing the idea. Milestones can be good points for determining whether or not to continue with an idea; or for considering modifications to the idea.
For example, a business cases, a prototype, market research, product testing, etc.

  • Escape Plan

Determining an escape plan mitigates risk and ensures company will not continue to throw money at an idea that eventually proves unlikely to meet its potential.

  • Communication Plan

A communication plan clarifies who should learn about the implementation, when they should learn about it and how.
Moreover, discussing the idea with colleagues may provide valuable input about how to make the idea more innovative.

  • Action Plan

The last step of the implementation plan is the step by step action plan. This will describe every step you take, how long each step will take and what should be achieved. It will incorporate much of the information above.



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