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Green Supply Chain

Green supply chain management (GrSCM) is an emerging area in supply chain practice, which integrates environmental management with traditional supply chain management. This provides a foundation for improving operational activities while reducing environmental impacts. The expected end result is a more efficient and less expensive operations environment.

Implementing GrSCM is both an opportunity and a challenge. There are tangible and intangible benefits of moving towards a Green Supply Chain. It is not only necessary for sound environmental management, but gives positive impact on financial performance and provides key benefits in resources sustainability, increased efficiency, adapting to regulation, reducing risk, improved quality and technology advancement.

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Some of the challenges are difficulties in quantitatively measuring the progress, indirect cost calculation, stakeholder engagement and lack of resources. Although the efforts and the costs associated with Green Supply Chain could be substantial but after the system is functional following the learning curve and experience, these can be more than offset by the benefits they generate.


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GrSCM is fully aligned with Company’s direction.

Following the successful achievement of being awarded with PROPER Green for the 3rd time, PHE WMO is currently pursuing a higher achievement of PROPER Gold.
To support this Company’s ultimate goal as a socio-environmental landmark, PHE WMO Supply Chain is obligated to declare an action manifesto to be in alignment with this initiative. The scope of actions is limited to the areas where Supply Chain Department has a control or direct influence. It is our view that Supply Chain is a significant contributor, in line with other functions within the whole organization of PHE WMO, to support the safe, successful and environmentally friendly operations of the company.

Supply Chain herewith makes a public declaration of 2012 environmental statement, principles and intentions on action to green the supply chain activities we are committed to:

  • comply with all applicable regulations and other requirements in relation to environmental management system
  • maintain and improve environmental performance
  • perform continuous improvement process with environmental impacts in mind

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