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Code Of Conduct

PHE WMO is applying Code of Conduct (CoC) for every PHE WMO’s employees and business partners (third party) in order to achieve good corporate governance in the company's operations.
PHE WMO honors the trust that is built by high standard and comprehensive of integrity, behavioral and ethic of all employees. This should be maintained and improved without limitation of the time and place.

The standard of ethical and behavior is applied by the “Insan PHEWMO” in any company’s activity, including who is on having working relationship with PHE WMO and for those who will have a working relationship in the future.

Co C 1

“Insan PHEWMO” is every employee that works for PHEWMO, which is permanent employees, contract employees, and the employees of business partners (third parties) who provide services to the PHE WMO.

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